Write your bachelor's and master's thesis for the Landscape Biodiversity Workgroup!

The Landscape Biodiversity Workgroup, which operates at the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, is looking forward to joining bachelor´s and master´s students. Among the options for the final thesis are compelling topics that focus on human-environment relations as well as important topics for the preservation and restoration of biodiversity.

The Landscape Biodiversity Workgroup is looking forward to joining ecology interested active students who are encouraged by summer fieldwork in eye-catching meadow communities or molecular analyses in the laboratory that illuminate the genetic component of biodiversity. The group will look at the impact of landscape structure on both genetic and species diversity and the benefits of related nature.

"The research topics and methods used by the working group are very diverse, so that boredom is not rewarded," encourages Tsipe Aavik, Associate Professor in Macroecology, one of the head of the workgroup. "And with an interest in the genetic diversity invisible to the eye, but at the same time the soul also craves forest and meadow - it is with us that you can best combine green and white biology. Together we are looking for ways to apply knowledge from genetic diversity to the benefits of nature in order to preserve our nature more effectively." Students could also be encouraged by the international dimension of the working group - the workgroup cooperates with various international research institutions in many joint projects with which many of the topics offered are related.

The topics of choice for Bachelor's and Master's thesis can be found here. However, if you are interested in another topic related to the working group, which is not on the list, or you see that the proposed topic would attract from a slightly different viewpoint, please contact us - we will find a solution together!

More information:

Aveliina Helm

Professor of Restoration Ecology aveliina.helm@ut.ee

Tsipe Aavik

Associate Professor in Macroecology tsipe.aavik@ut.ee

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