Good living environment, sustainable agriculture, mitigation of climate change and adapting to it is only possible if we are able to sustain the natural environment surrounding us.

Activities of the workgroup focus on the relations of humans and natural environment and we try to find the best solutions to protect and restore biological diversity. An important part of our work is done in semi-natural grassland communities where we study the influence of land use to both genetic and species diversity and ecosystem services related to them.

Our study objects are plants as well as many other important organism groups – butterflies, bumblebees, solitary bees, spiders, soil biota etc. We find it very important to disseminate scientific findings to general public and as one important topic we are introducing Everyone’s Nature Conservation concept in society.

Workgroup is led by dr Aveliina Helm and dr Tsipe Aavik. Read more about the members of our workgroup and ongoing projects.