Ökomess gathered several students to study the activities of the Landscape Biodiversity Workgroup

At the Ökomess, organised by the Department of Botany, the Bachelor's and Master's study and internship opportunities were also introduced to the students by the Landscape Biodiversity Workgroup. Young people were most interested in participating in fieldwork and possible topics of bachelor's thesis.

At the event, doctoral student Elisabeth Prangel and junior researcher Oliver Kalda discussed the activities of the workgroup and presented the possibilities of joining.

"The students were most interested in fieldwork participation and undergraduate thesis topics. They also asked whether the subject of the Bachelor's thesis must already be ready to join the working group," Oliver Kalda said. "The fact that the research carried out by the working group is not limited to the study of plants was also a surprise to the students."

The fact that the students who arrived were interested, said also Elisabeth Prangel. "Some enthusiastic students took an interest in us. Several also asked in depth about the possible titles of the thesis."

The topics of the Bachelor's and Master's thesis offered by the Landscape Biodiversity Working Group can be viewed on the website.

The Botany Department's presentation event Ökomess was held this year on March 7 in the lobby of Oecologicum. The aim of the event is to introduce and offer students of Bachelor's and Master's studies the topics of the thesis and opportunities for internships.

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