Estonian wide test area network fieldwork started this summer

This year we created Estonian wide test area network called ECOGRID, which included different natural and semi-natural habitats in both good and bad state. The aim is to validate and enhance existing maps and tools (like Rohemeeter) and get better overview of natural environment’s condition. Fieldwork took place from July till the end of September, during which soil samples – geochemical, soil carbon and DNA – were collected and field form describing habitats was filled about 170 test areas. Most samples were collected from Tartumaa, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and Läänemaa. ECOGRID network build up and fieldwork coordination is done by our doctoral student Elvi Liiv. Collected data is base for at least two doctoral projects. Many people from our workgroup and department of Botany took part of fieldwork: Triin, Iris, Elisabeth, Oscar Zaratea and Yui Fujinuma (Maru).

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