By joining the call for the XIII Youth Song and Dance Celebration "Every square meter counts," everyone can contribute to supporting biodiversity

The biodiversity preservation program "Every square meter counts," launched by the XIII Youth Song and Dance Celebration, draws attention to the preservation and appreciation of the natural environment.

Biodiversity Day at Tallinn, on 15 April, Oliver Kalda, a junior researcher in biodiversity and ecological sustainability at the University of Tartu, said that various processes had occurred in Estonian biodiversity in the last decade. "On the one hand, we have species destroyed and become rare due to human influences. On the other hand, new species have also been added to our nature, including those who have arrived here naturally and those we consider alien species. On a larger scale than species, our nature has changed and become impoverished," Oliver Kalda said.

If you don't have your own garden, you can sow flowers in boxes. "Flower boxes, when planted with nectar species, certainly support the pollinators and other insects. In addition, they give a person pleasure in experiencing nature and can be of educational value. The flower boxes located in the city will certainly alleviate the effect of plant darkness, in other words, lack of attention to plants as active participants in ecosystems," Oliver Kalda explained.

The 13th Youth Song Celebration will take place on 2 July 2023.

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