The effect of landscape configuration on the functional connectivity of Primula veris – a landscape genomic approach

Duration: 2018 - 2020

Habitat fragmentation is a major threat to species and genetic diversity, the latter being a crucial prerequisite for species survival in times of rapid environmental change. Yet, we still lack detailed understanding of how landscape elements shape gene flow and by that affect the distribution of genetic diversity in habitats which experience drastic decrease in area and connectivity. To address this gap in our knowledge, I will apply state-of-the-art molecular tools in combination with landscape analysis for determining landscape variables affecting connectivity-related gene flow between fragmented populations, and neutral as well as adaptive relevant genetic diversity within and between populations. With the proposed project, we shall obtain fundamental insights into the landscape-driven genetic background of plants, which can serve as a basis for guiding decision-making in environmental conservation policy.

Project participants: Sabrina Träger, Tsipe Aavik

Funding: Estonian Research Council (ETAg)

Project information in Estonian Research Information System


Scheme of landscape genetic analyses