Conservation of natural biodiversity in agricultural land

Duration: 2019 March - 2020 September

In addition to nature reserves, biodiversity should be preserved elsewhere. For instance, agricultural landscapes contain biodiversity that should be preserved. One of the aims of this project is to bring together information on effective activities and practices that help preserve the natural biodiversity of Estonian agricultural landscapes. It also gives an overview of the different performance-based support schemes tested in Europe and proposes a concept for paying performance-based semi-natural habitat support on the basis of community status and biodiversity indicators. In order to achieve these aims, an easily understandable overview about the biodiversity conservation activities in agricultural landscapes and input for the development of result-based semi-natural habitat support will be provided. In addition, overviews of the impact of different management regimes on permanent grassland biota and farmers' and landscape caretakers' expectations about the result-based habitat support will be done. The project is being carried out in cooperation with the Macroecology workgroup.

Project participants: Aveliina Helm, Tsipe Aavik, Elisabeth Prangel, Krista Takkis, Rufus Trepp, Kersti Riibak

Funding: Ministry of Rural Affairs

Final report of the project (in Estonian)