Student research supervised by Triin received an award

The final round of the National Contest of Young Scientists took place in Tartu on 12th-13th April. A research project "Garbage on the Shores of Saaremaa", authored by Juhan Tuulik, a student at Lümanda Basic School and supervised by Triin received the second state prize. The results of the research show that the most littered places in Saaremaa are located on the west coast, the beaches on the side of the Gulf of Riga and the Väinameri are significantly cleaner. Garbage enters the west coast of Saaremaa with the current flowing south from the open sea. Plastic packaging was most found in the rubbish, but in the course of the work, many exciting objects were also found, such as a computer monitor, fork, raincoat, construction helmet, etc.

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