PopBio 2024 focussed on contemporary evolution

The 36th Plant Population Biology Conference PopBio 2024 hosted more than one hundred participants. Associate Professor Tsipe Aavik, head of the Landscape Biodiversity Workgroup, and PhD student Marianne Kaldra also took part in the event in Frankfurt.

"As usually at PopBio conferences, this event with nearly 100 participants was student-friendly and had a welcoming social atmosphere. Conference talks dealt with a wide range of topics," introduced Tsipe Aavik conference.

"Yet, a particular focus of this year's conference seemed to be on the evolutionary processes in plant populations, which is necessary and highly relevant considering the rapid global change. In studies of contemporary evolution, a resurrection method is gaining increasing popularity. This is a method where the characteristics of plants grown from modern plant populations as well as from seeds collected in earlier time periods are compared to detect recent adaptive shifts in traits. See more about this method at  Evolutionary Application."

At the conference, Tsipe Aavik presented the results of the citizen science campaign "Looking for Cowslip", and in a poster presentation. Marianne Kaldra gave an overview of the impact of habitat fragmentation on the populations of heterostylous plant species.

More information about PopBio 2024 can be found here.

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