Media coverage in April

April was a very busy month for our workgroup and the media also covered our activities quite a lot. At the beginning of the month, the April issue of the Estonian Road Administration's magazine TeeLeht (in Estonian) was published, where Tsipe and Aveliina wrote about the value of roadside meadow strips as habitats. In mid-April, Aveliina wrote in Sirp (in Estonian) how the current crisis affects the environment and talked on Kuku radio (starting at about 18:10; in Estonian) how to use the crisis for environmental protection. At the same time, the citizen science campaign "Estonia is looking for cowslips" was launched again. Tsipe wrote more about this year's campaign and last year's results in Novaator (in Estonian). Virumaa Teataja and Postimees (both in Estonian) also wrote about the campaign. In addition, Tsipe talked about cowslips on Terevisioon (in Estonian) and on Vikerraadio Ökoskoop's program (in Estonian). In addition to the cowslip campaign, Aveliina and others in our workgroup together with the Macroecology workroup have developed the Rohemeeter (Greenmeter) application, which helps to assess the biodiversity of landscapes. Aveliina talks more about the Greenmeter on Terevisioon (starts at about 1:30:30; in Estonian). Two articles by Tartu Postimees here and here (both in Estonian) and an article by the portal Bioneer (in Estonian) also write about the Greenmeter.

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