Marianne Kaldra participated in the AlterNet summer school

PhD student of the Landscape Biodiversity Workgroup Marianne Kaldra participated in the 17th AlterNet summer school in Peyresq, France, from 30.08-09.09. The summer school theme was "Biodiversity and Society: science, policy and transformative change".

The summer school aims to bring young researchers together with recognized experts in their field to discuss sustainability issues and find solutions for them. The summer school discussed various biodiversity-related topics and focused on the role and cooperation of ecological knowledge and social sciences. 

In addition to several new knowledge, all participants gained a wide-ranging network from the summer school with whom to collaborate in the future. The key message that resonated was that we can all do something to improve the state of nature and human well-being so that neither has to suffer, but on the contrary – both can thrive hand in hand. 

Read the interview with Marianne Kaldra here (in Estonian).

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