EcoGrid fieldwork in 2022

This year, we continued the field work of the all-Estonian network of test areas called ECOGRID, which includes various natural and semi-natural habitats in both good and bad condition. The purpose of the network of test areas is to validate and supplement existing maps, tools (e.g. Rohemeeter) and to get a more accurate overview of the state of the natural environment. Fieldwork took place from July to August, during which soil samples (geochemistry (pH, K, P, N, C), fatty acids, DNA) were collected from approximately 140 areas, a fieldform describing the habitat structure was filled in, and biomass samples of above-ground herbaceous vegetation and root biomass were collected. This year we collected samples evenly across the Estonian mainland. The creation of the ECOGRID network is carried out and the field work is coordinated by doctoral student Elvi Liiv of the working group. The collected dataset is the basis for at least two doctoral theses. Participants of the field work from working group and the department were Iris Reinula, Oscar Zarate and Ene Kook. In addition, Maia Pruuli, Cristofer Lodeson, Kaari Uibomägi, Brita Lii Sei, Brigitta Sari, Hugo Prints, Anni Maria Pearson and Kristjan Rooni took part in field work. Many thanks to all who participated in the field work!

Elvi on fieldwork filling the fieldwform.

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