Dark diversity of pollen data

Triin together with Diego, Carlos, and Meelis from macroecology work group published an article in Proceedings B. In the article “Observed and dark diversity dynamics over millennial time scales: fast life-history traits linked to expansion lags of plants in northern Europe” we used pollen-data to estimate dark and observed diversity over the 14500-year study period. The results showed that both taxonomic and functional dark diversity increased over time. In addition, dark diversity dynamics revealed expansion lags related to dispersal limitation and stress intolerance. Species in dark diversity were functionally redundant when compared to the observed diversity. This is a novel way of looking at the pollen diversity dynamics and our results indicate that it is a promicing tool to examine biodiversity change across long-term temporal and wide spatial scales. The article is accessable here, if you do not have access, feel free to ask any of the co-authors.

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