Aveliina Helm led the field trip at the international BIOGEOMON conference

On June 26 - 30, the international BIOGEOMON conference took place in Tartu. The conference focused on ecosystems and their biogeochemistry.

In addition to exciting presentations and a versatile program, there were also six different field trips where science, Estonian nature and culture were harmoniously interwoven.

Aveliina had the honor of guiding the excursion on the route Meenikunno - Värska - Piusa.

The excursion started on the morning of June 29 in Tartu, where a bus full of international scientists left.

The first destination was the Meenikunno bog, where a strong thunder and rainstorm awaited the group. Despite the storm, everyone bravely headed to the bog and gained a lot of knowledge about the Meenikunno bog as an ecosystem.

Next, the bus headed to Värska farm museum. Hot tea, coffee and lunch awaited the participants there. The lunch break gave a good burst of energy for further visits to the farm museum. The local museum guide told more about the life and condition of the Setos.

The last destination was Piusa, where the participants got a big surprise. Namely, six Setos were waiting in front of the Piusa visitor center, who gave a wonderful concert to the group. The icing on the cake was the fact that the three songbirds turned out to be members of Aveliina's family. So we also got to know Aveliina's mother, father and daughter.

When the good mood was raised again with the concert, we headed to the Piusa restoration area. The excursion there was led by Priit Voolaid.

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