Workgroup in annual summaries

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, the press made summaries of 2021.

Vikerraadio's broadcast Huvitaja talked to Novaator's scientific journalist Jaan-Juhan Oidermaa about the scientific achievements of the previous year. As one of the achievements, he pointed out our citizen science campaign "Looking for Cowslips", which took place all over Europe last year. Tsipe also commented on the campaign. The show can be listened to here (approx. 37:00; in Estonian).

Culture paper Sirp published its 50 most read stories of 2021 (here and here; in Estonian), which included three stories of our workgroup members. 7th place was Aveliina's story "Nature dissapears silently", 9th place was Tsipe and Virve Sõber's article "The glyphosate saga continues" and 40-50th place was Aveliina's article "The future is not an extension of the present".


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