Cowslip themed research won the III place in the environmental research competition

In this year's competition for students' environmental research, organized by Tartu Environmental Education Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research, Hanna Ellermaa and Maria Merelaid from Aste Basic School and Saaremaa Co-Educational Gymnasium achieved III place among 5.-7. class students. The supervisors of the work were Inge Vahter and Ülle Soom and our workgroup was also involved in the work process. 45 studies qualified for the competition and the best works were presented at a web conference. See the competition website for more information.

Maria, one of the authors of the work, writes that she gained a lot of knowledge while doing the research. She now knows what L-morph and S-morph mean, and why it's bad to have too few or too many cowslips with one morph in one place. In her opinion, doing the research was nice, although sometimes difficult, but she would like to continue doing the research. She thinks it was also very nice to receive the award, and that is what encourages them to continue. Another author Hanna adds that cowslip was a plant already known to her and it has been used as a medicinal plant in her home for many years. Through research, she gained a lot of new knowledge and skills. For example, she learned why cowslip is considered important in researching other plants. Receiving the award makes her happy about the work she has done. The authors thank everyone who made cowslip observations and their supervisors. Inga, one of the supervisors of the work, writes: “One can draw such fundamental conclusions based on such a simple study - unfortunately, I did not come up with this myself, despite the fact that I knew about the heterostyly of cowslip. We'll wait - maybe researchers will find more similar research to do with students. "

Congratulations to the authors and supervisors!

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