Repeated monitoring of spiders in "Life to Alvars" project

This summer, at the end of June, took place repeated monitoring of alvar grasslands, during which spider traps were installed in the plots of the "Life To Alvars" project. Spider traps were installed to 35 study areas. Each study area has 4 permanent plots where 10 cups were installed in each of them. The work took place in two teams, the members were Maia Pruuli, Liis Koort, Cristofer Lodeson and Brigitta Sari. It was a repeated monitoring, because the preliminary results showed a strong decrease in the number of spiders after restoration. Repeat monitoring gives us clarity, whether the decrease in the number of spiders was due to external factors or the result of restoration. Monitoring was coordinated by Aveliina Helm and Elvi Liiv.

Spider traps in Kassari site.

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