BMT -0508

Kertu Hool

Communication specialist

Kertu has worked in the field of nature conservation communication for over 10 years, cooperated with private, public and NGO sectors in Estonia and abroad. Her alma mater is Tartu University. Currently working on cowslip pan-European camapaign "Looking for Cowslips

  • Aavik, T., Carmona, C.P., Träger, S., Kaldra, M., Reinula, I., Conti, E., Keller, B., Helm, A., Hiiesalu, I., Hool, K., Kaisel, M. et al. (2020). Landscape context and plant population size affect morph frequencies in heterostylous Primula veris‐results of a nationwide citizen‐science campaign. Journal of Ecology, 108(6): 2169-2183.