New article about soil fungal diversity

A new scientific article about soil fungal diversity and what influences it was published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry journal, where Aveliina was one co-author. The study was led by Tanel Vahter from our neighbouring Plant Ecology work group. The study found that mineral fertilization and frequent pesticide use reduce soil fungal diversity, but it benefits from uncropped landscape elements. They also found that landscape configuration is important for soil fungi. Surprisingly, conservation tillage does not influence soil fungal diversity.

Vahter, T., Sepp, S. K., Astover, A., Helm, A., Kikas, T., Liu, S., ... & Hiiesalu, I. (2022). Landscapes, management practices and their interactions shape soil fungal diversity in arable fields–Evidence from a nationwide farmers' networkSoil Biology and Biochemistry, 108652.

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