Defences of bachelor's and master's theses

On June 2 and 3, the bachelor's and master's theses of the Department of Botany were defended. Three of the students in our workgroup defended their work. The bachelor's thesis was defended by Raul Markus Vaiksoo, whose topic was "Taking biodiversity into account when calculating environmental footprints" and was suprevised by Aveliina and Triin. Roland Lehemets also defended his bachelor's thesis on "Sustainability Trends in European Agriculture" and was supervised by Aveliina and Marianne. The master's thesis was defended by Rufus Trepp, whose topic was "Relationships between the state of nature and mental well-being" and was supervised by Aveliina and Triin.

The theses can be read here. Congratulations to the graduates!

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