Aveliina Helm became professor of restoration ecology

On 27th of May senate of University of Tartu approved the proposal of the attestation committee in the Faculty of Science and Technology to promote Aveliina Helm, associate professor of botany, to the position of professor of restoration ecology. Aveliina Helm is a valued lecturer among students and a successful partner in international projects. The contribution to establishment of research line on restoration ecology and establishment of the Working Group of Landscape Biodiversity in Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences deserves to be highlighted. Aveliina Helm's activities in popularizing science and her social activism are very appreciated.

Aveliina Helm is the third professor at the University of Tartu to be promoted to this position.

Author: Dmitri Kotjuh / Järva Teataja

University of Tartu Landscape Biodiversity Group

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Aveliina Helm / +372 5553 8679 / aveliina.helm@ut.ee
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