Alert for two doctoral positions at the University of Tartu in city-university twin transition partnership!  

The joint doctoral training programme of SUNSET aims to mentor 10 Doctoral Candidates (DCs) with the transferable, intersectoral, and interdisciplinary skills necessary to (1) engage in cutting-edge academic research on sustainable and digital transitions in urban ecosystems; and (2) translate these scientific insights into the practice of sustainable and digital transitions in urban contexts.

SUNSET is built around a community of leading scholars and ten doctoral candidates delivering insights into how universities and their host cities can collaborate and interact to achieve the digitalization and sustainability goals set out by current European and global policy agendas. The University of Tartu recruit two doctoral candidates to become part of the EU-funded SUNSET Doctoral Network on city-university partnerships in furthering the twin green and digital transition in EU cities.  

The candidates recruited at UT will focus on:  

  1. knowledge transfer particularly between universities and local municipalities to facilitate green transitions in the field of urban mobility and urban biodiversity, or 
  1. the intersectoral cooperation formats to be better prepared for the challenges created by weather extremes and other hazards to the functioning of urban services and infrastructures. 

Geography: Incorporating knowledge infrastructure to green transitions: learning from campus interventions 

Sociology: City-university interactions in disaster risk reduction and enhancing the resilience of urban systems.

Full details on the requested profile, offer and application links are available here and here. Deadline to apply for the positions is 15 April 2024

The Sunset Project has received funding from the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe under Grant Agreement ID 101119845. See more here.

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